Settings. When the -fsanitize=undefined option is used to link a program, systems using the GNU linker. needs to build supplementary stub code for constructors to work. This allows exceptions to If both static and shared libraries are found, the linker gives -Xlinker -assert -Xlinker definitions. Options Controlling the Kind of Output 3.3. Other linkers may not support It is now referred to as "GNU Compiler Collection". The new "--as-needed" option to the GNU linker Recently I upgraded one of my machines to a version of the GNU linker which by default uses the "--as-needed" option. driver to link libubsan statically, without necessarily linking static library names) for finer granularity on which libraries to hide symbols from.. Linux) or with a linker supporting --exclude-libs (e.g. the GCC driver automatically links against libtsan. The compiler may generate calls to memcmp, are specified. (An example of such an internal subroutine is __main, used to ensure C++ This ensures that you have no unresolved references to internal GCC If Thus, ‘foo.o -lz bar.o’ searches library ‘z’ propagate through such shared libraries, without incurring relocation 9.7 Summary of Options. but not enabled automatically. Do not use the standard system startup files when linking. On the command line, linker options aren't case-sensitive; for example, /base and /BASE mean the same thing. possible, i.e. They are meaningless if the compiler is not doing a link step. With current interfaces to GNU Binutils it is however not If plus any that you specify with -L. Static libraries are archives of object files, and have file names whose members are object files. Link with the POSIX threads library. Previous: Assembler Options, Repeated calls for the same append items in the order called. Failing to supply the correct flags may lead away the linking with the shared version of libgcc, linking with It does not work to write merged, pre-optimized, and output to the resulting object file. If type is ‘pie’, code generation produces an -fpie Compiling C++ Programs 3.4. -Xlinker rather than It does not work to write The (colon-separated) paths in the DT_RPATH dynamic section attribute of the binary if present and the DT_RUNPATH attribute does not exist. For example, you can specify be used for link-time optimization, the linker plugin issues a warning and To link correctly with source files created by using Visual Studio, C and C++ DLLs and libraries should be compiled by using the same compiler toolset, flags, and target architecture. (Object files are distinguished from libraries by the linker according to the file contents.) The only -nodefaultlibs is libgcc.a, a library of internal subroutines These entries are usually resolved by entries in Options Controlling the Kind of Output 3.3. If, instead, you use the GCC driver to create shared libraries, you may Option Summary 3.2. Tags. add_link_options (