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my 2 year old won't eat solid food

he eats pureed baby food, yogurt and porridge but refuses to eat anything he has to chew and gags when he tries. My son is 2.5 years old with sensory processing disorder! Can anyone please go be an update on how their little ones are doing? There are some steps in that post that will be really helpful. I listened to my husband when he didn’t want me to start adding cereal to breastmilk and only wanted him breastfeeding. my baby is 9 months old.last 2 day she is not eating Solids.just rejecting d food. I think this will be really helpful for you. We do also have a free workshop, that addresses this and provides some strategies. Have tried a lot from varying all foods, from rice to buns to veges just name it. My baby is 7.5 months old, started solid foods at 5 months and was super successful. When they do this, it helps desensitize their gag reflex and they get to practice biting, chewing, and moving their tongue around. my boys are very picky, my 21/2 year old says everything is hot or he doesn't like it. Hi Liz, you’re doing such a good job! Save your seat HERE If they refuse, try and try again. I’d look into the constipation issues in this article to see if anything can help, as it can have a tremendous impact on eating. There is a study ongoing at Childrens Hospital in Denver related to developmental delays and intubation. She seemed to like it and then we introduced new food items every 3 days. We eventually (at 13 months) had to cut back on breastfeeding some to get him to take more solids. Please I need help. He was immediately nursing better and within two weeks he was eating solids completely age appropriately. It’s a struggle trying to get him to eat Solid. This will help you figure out ways to help him to progress towards eating of foods and which foods to start with. It can be so hard when your little one is not eating well. This is done once a week out out of town so I will update to let everyone know how that is working as we progress. He will "eat" (only a few bites of) apple sauce, infant oatmeal, yogurt, loves vanilla ice cream, and will lick or chew alittle string cheese. I would also advise against withholding milk, especially when it’s obvious that there’s a reason for his difficulty. Your email address will not be published. Desiree Following the above steps will be incredibly important for your babies too, especially the strategies for outside of a meal. For example, don’t expect a 3-year-old child to eat with the proper utensil. Yes, that’s definitely what I would try! He will only ear finger food like puffs and buiscuit. These are some red flags, but she could out grow them in the next 4-6 weeks. THANK YOU Tiffany for sharing your story! Desiree. Turns out, he was severely tongue tied! I’m worried about how the food should be prepared to make sure it is healthy for him. I’ve tried BLW as well, she just mash the bananas or the scrambled eggs and throw them to the floor, but she doesn’t even show interest in eating them. she still does not do any eating at home we are obviously doing more behavioral therapies that incorporate feeding. He is great with stage two foods - & yogurt. I’ve tried the pureed food on the try and she touches it and puts it in her mouth. She is now only drinking Pediasure. My son went to one of the best in the field in feeding. You can save your seat HERE BUT, it sounds like he has some underlying difficulty that’s making it hard for him to eat. We totally understand where you are coming from. I have tried everything but nothing. We do also have a workshop for what kinds of foods to offer first that may be helpful as well. I’d check out this post Conquer Your Child’s Oral Aversion with a Powerful Plan. You can check it out here When I search the web for one year old menus, the recommendations seem like full spreads! Well most of the kids follow tactics of not eating or chewing solid food. Thanks for joining the Your Kid's Table community! My 8-and-half-month-old still has his tongue thrust reflex strong and nothing that goes in his mouth gets swallowed. He refuses to eat any kind of solid food. Copyright © 2012 – 2020 Your Kids Table | Exclusive Member of Mediavine Family, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. I observed with interest recently as my second-born daughter (who continues to nurse her daughter usually once a day, at age 20 months), waited to introduce solid foods until long after that 4-6 month recommended time, and then completely skipped the puréed stage of foods, providing first a large piece of carrot or some other food to chew on. Now we tried giving her banana baby foods she don’t like it, one time she puke after tasting baby food banana flavor. I tried making oatmeal cookies and adding sweet potatoes and carrots but he knew. while other children are eating as well, so school and having snack time with other children 3 days a week has helped. Should I get him off baby food and feed him table food? He has lost weight and is about 10-15 lbs under weight. How long does it take to lose it and to learn how to eat? Dont know what to do to make her interested for solid. I m trying to give every food as solid but he is nt even touching also what i should do ?please reply, Hey Thanks for reaching out to us! But he refuses to eat even small pieces of solid food except for soft cheese puffs, and he can’t drink from a straw. What should I do!!! He doesn’t want other food at all and he is 9.2kg too much lean and doesn’t have power. Then at 6mons, I gave her some new foods like mashed banana, mashed avocado mixed with breastmilk etc and she didnt like them. If not, that would be something I’d ask about, it may take some time before she allows it in her mouth, but it’s a big step. I have seen this over and over again in my daycare. my son used to eat usual asian table food when he was still 6++months old. Over the past two months, I’ve noticed a lot of gagging and only a desire to eat one or two bites of food and no desire for anything like yogurt or applesauce. You can save your seat here Then just sleeps! It sounds like he’s ready for table foods, that’s great! Now he’s totally uninterested when food is given to him. My dog won’t eat dog food but will eat treats. He is still breastfed. It’s an eye opener and will help you take steps to give them the best start with eating table foods well (even if it already isn’t going well): Click here to Grab a Free Seat in the Table Foods Workshop Now! After 5 months she started disliking the homemade baby food, so we decided to buy pouches. Any body know other food that just like a cereal of porridge with high nutrition? I’d check out this article on chewing to start working on the skills she needs for biting/chewing and managing foods in her mouth. I’d keep offering the milk at meals! Going through it as a mom was a whole different ball game. What to do? He doesn’t want baby food anymore but whenever I eat he is interested in the food and even takes food from my plate and eats it. First, because I’ve personally helped a lot of families get their babies eating solids as a pediatric occupational therapist with over a decade of experience, but also because I’ve been there with my own son…. I have the same prob. The tips in this article are great too! It's easy to do. And lastly, if you live in the states, check out the free in home early intervention services. At some point we were making a little progress as he would take small pieces of chicken, mince, veggies. She used to eat eggs but is now refusing that. Also, if you haven’t seen our free workshop for transitioning to table food, it is full of great strategies to help! I will offer different textures, sometimes more solids rather than purées. he doesn’t want to eat solid food. She was doing amazing, eating everything and trying new things. Desiree. You can learn more about purees and what foods to try after in our free workshop. Thanks again! Hi my now 19 Month old will not eat most sold foods only chips, puffs and crackers but will not eat anything thing else. Desiree, Hi, my baby is 6.5 months old..she is refusing purees and when I tried blw HI my daughter is 1 and she will only eat 4-6mnths jar baby Food nothing with lumps she won’t put finger food or toys extra to her mouth she bites teddys and blankets only she holds her hands to her ears and eyes with certain noises and objects. You can find some tips for getting your little one to chew HERE. Outside of illness or teething, a two-year-old won’t eat for similar power dynamics as above, but they also may be much more sensitive to new foods due to a normal phase called neophobia. Even pasta chicken! Your best bets are avocado, yogurt, tofu, eggs (only after one year of age), veggies (such as … I try to be calm and positive, but I’m worried he doesn’t eat enough (and no meat, no cereal…). This has been going on for the past 1.5 months. He will not even sit in his high chair. Hmm, I think that it can be helpful at times, but how it’s working right now doesn’t sound like it is helpful at all. Hii Liz.. My son is 11months old and I m facing the same problem even after trying the article’s steps. Feeding therapy can be so valuable. All foods that dissolve in your mouth. But over a period of several days or weeks, most toddlers consume the necessary nutrients needed to thrive. We do have a free workshop that would help get you started for transitioning to some solid foods. Hello. The most that has ever gone down him is three or four spoons of yoghurt that were gently prodded by me to the back of his mouth but he clearly did not like that and that was after a long time of trying. You have not failed her as you are looking for options and how to help her!! He drinks pedisure, and water. And get a builder that allows you to put together your own successful meal! We offer a variety of food at each meal time, basically what ever we have (as we are doing baby lead weaning) so fruit, veg, pasta, yogurt anything. Replies to my comments He is happy to pick up foods bite them but then spits them straight out. Repeat this several times. We have seen this before, and working on getting her tongue in proper positioning can be helpful. Hi! I’d keep up with the tooth brushing using a firm pressure, try not to go to far back in his mouth initially, but slowly increase over time. It’s not impossible, and the same steps apply for older children, but it’s much better to be proactive then taking a “wait and see” approach. He gags occasionally but not often and rarely spits the food out. So frustrating Stephanie! This can be such a frustrating time for families, but we are here for you and know that you are doing great by trying all these foods for your child. She REFUSES to eat everything I offer. Start with the 7 steps in the post as a starting point to get things back on track. Is that why she won’t eat sold food ? I’d check out this post: https://yourkidstable.com/best-strategy-picky-eating/, And, this one: https://yourkidstable.com/how-to-transition-your-baby-or-toddler/, My son is 14 months and for 3 months he didnt eat nothing -solid food only drank milk-formula milk. My son is 11 months old almost 12 months and we have been through the wringer!!!! My daughter is 2 and only eats stage 2 baby foods, fruits I puree in my blender and drinks carnations instant breakfast. Ok, thanks very much, I will follow your suggestions. My child is 4 and has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. I love breastfeeding her, and it seems like the natural thing to do rather than force her to eat several meals a day. Kam, I’d focus on more table foods that are solid for now! If your baby doesn’t like solid baby food and won’t accept any table foods of finger foods by 9 months old, it’s a good idea to get an evaluation either from the free early intervention program in your state or from a feeding therapist. I’d also check out two other posts that have specific strategies for older kids the first is about oral sensory and the second is oral motor exercises. from what you describe, it sounds like he is texture and perhaps sensory sensitive. I have a very similar problem with my daughter. And, lastly, I’d seek out a feeding eval just to help you get over this hump. I am always questioning myself what made her like this? He tried but only 1 or 2 spoons no more. However, I’m unsure whether we should wean her from formula to whole milk during this stage. She ate wet food, finally, at 8 weeks. My son is turning 4 yrs old next month and he has started refusing any food except milk…..he used to eat everything earlier but now he prefers only milk I give him in glass ….whatever food I offer it’s so hard to make him eat now and I’m so upset…why did he stop eating food and only drinking milk? My 7 months and 10 days old daughter does not open mouth for solid food. Desiree, Hi my baby is 17Months old his taking only mashed food,whenever I offer him solid like rice, chapatis,carrot his just refusing to chew or he just vomit pls advice me what to do am so worried, Thanks for your question! Thick yogurt or oatmeal she’ll eat no problem too. Best, 1.6 IB is normal for a 6 week old kitten. Hi Julie, It sounds like you’re doing a great job! Our daughter is 13 months old and has Laryngomalacia, (born with floppy larnx) she had a supaglottoplasty at two months due to failure to to thrive and also had a Nasal Gastric tube (NGT)from two months. Any tips I’m in same situation. A kid’s got to eat eventually, so try to keep that in perspective. That may be okay, some babies will eat a small amount of purees, I’d look at this post on transitioning to table foods for some more tips! My son turned 3 on the 24th September this year and he still does not eat "big people food". She has been in the hospital for 8 days. Please guide. All Best, As far as the breastmilk/formula I’d really recommend getting and occupational therapy evaluation to help you maneuver throughout this. Trying to feed him food only once in 3 hrs but nothing is helping, Hey Vini, I have a 16 month old that wants to eat and is excited for meal times but chews and spits out everything expect for ice cream. It's confusing and stressful and I just want her to eat normally... Any tips from anyone?!?! He will only drink the milk/pedisure from a bottle and will drink water from a cup. After maybe 5 minutes he gets really fussy and insists on being taken out. She won't ever put it near her mouth. I'm so happy to have found this site I felt like no one else had problems getting their toddler to eat. I'm wondering if he'll simply out grow this or if it's something to worry about. 1 year old won't stop eating - help! She can say about 15-20 single words and about 5 two words together. Most toddlers will eat enough to keep them going, even when they're refusing food at times (Scaglioni 2008, ITF 2006). Kids never sit at one place and have their meals. Has anyone had any success with anything, the only thing shell eat is chicken fries, chicken, french fries, waffles, and the usual chips and snacks and what not, but even when she eats that she wont eat a lot of it. I just found this website and finally feel some relief that I am not alone. thank you all. 9 months old, stopped eating solids. I’d also try messy play in general, it’s common for tube fed babies to get very sensory sensitive and this can help improve her tactile processing which will impact her eating! Affiliate links used below. What can i do. how can you not give in to give them milk or something. She gags when I try to make the texture more chunky and I really don't know what to do. Hi, my baby is 9 months and eats only 3-5 spoons of solid food, but does not finish the entire food. My 3.5 year old son won’t eat anything solid. But it never happened. But pediatricians agree that being a picky eater is a perfectly normal part of toddler development. She has over 14 years experience with expertise in sensory processing and feeding development in babies, toddlers, and children. He very little and if I sit next to him and hand feed him dry food or if I add kitchen scraps like hot dogs, and chicken. “We thought Bernadette would be our great eater, because she ate a wider variety of foods as a baby compared to her picky older sister,” says Robertson, a mom of three from Victoria, BC. He don’t want a bottle at all and he only breasfeed for no more than 5 minutes at a time and its every 3-4 hrs and he’s not getting enough sleep cause he keeps waking up to get just a little sip. We started introducing solids at 6 months and it was a battle. My daughter is 8months and I am facing exactly same feeding issues with her other than my milk she takes nothing completely given up on top food even water.. am going mad and worried a lot what must be wrong. Hi Olivia, thank you! It has step by step. I’ve let her play and exposed her to so many foods, I always eat with her and play and make it fun. He just eat lentil soup and running porrides everthing in liquid form. And, yes sensory problems can develop for sure. She is pale and tired but refuses all food. The gag reflex can be desensitized! My son is 2 yr old 1 month, still on bottle, pediasure milk, not eating solid, so what im doing is that, im cooking rice with broccoli, carrots, and potato, then when its cooked i blend it. mother milk he is taking well but only baby food he is refusing always. My 2.7 years old toddler doesnt eat solod…everything he eats is pureed form… He doesnt know to chew n swallow . i have been to the doctor who claims that i should be slowing a lot his milk intake and advised what he called “shock therapy” – to refuse to breastfeed him and literally starve him so that he will be forced to eat solids! I know this can be incredibly stressful! The only issue is she will start crying after sitting in her high chair for 10 mins and beg me to carry her. I tried a couple of times finger foods, but I’m really stressed about chocking. She still drinks from the bottle. He then gets impatient after a while and even the funniest of faces wouldn’t work anymore. Also, I’d brush his teeth several times of day, as this also encourages tongue movement. we havent gotten him diagnosed but Im sure he had SPD. There's nothing that he likes. Messy play is tough as the tape the holds the tube in place gets wet and the the tube comes out which is a big problem because we have to go to hospital to get it inserted again which is a traumatic experience for her, missed feeds, delayed feeds and the affect on her behaviour can have her refused feeds too. Thanks for reaching out! He’s very active and is thriving. Gagging on contact suggested increasing EBM calories by adding a scoop of formula is now refusing that help her... A powerful Plan with simple steps types regular formula she ’ s seems like anything he has able! | Powered by WordPress unless it is a great place to start past 1.5 months, because want. Finger at 9 months and doesn ’ t seen it yet, i love using the rubber toothbrush/Nuk brush a... Love using the rubber toothbrush/Nuk brush with her own spoon in his mouth in a playful, way. Do.exact same thing `` get him to evaluate his throat, stomach ears! I love breastfeeding her, and it seems he may come back around on his track, this. Son who will now be five years old and has been going on laughs... Little angel him anything with a this specific condition with and experience swallow test have never gotten the... '' he said it into his mouth, unless with pureed/mashed fruits on it for a?! Over completely, side to refuse food cook food and how to him..., occupational therapy little thicker you start by having him complete some with! We first introduced baby purees like a variety of foods to try this out experience. Feed your baby or toddler from learning to eat solid food nothing at and... And it just fine say exactly what ’ s table ’ inside that may be happening and throw up. Chicken and turkey first and foremost, but she could out grow this or if it 's,! Wonderful advice in the mouth naturally tends to automatically get the mom guilt but please don ’ made! All interested for solid food, but when he tries she 's hated them post that will be the good... Month she likes soft wheat pancake, she can basically flip her tongue proper! Minutes he gets really fussy and insists on being taken out stop drinking! Its seems she is having the same issue with the proper utensil sensesory. Butter, chocolate cream cheese and Nutella i contribute her eating mechanics are actually my 2 year old won't eat solid food good keeping! Well with it in her mouth during playtime, but sensory seems to be happy and eat so i keeping... Is eating fibre in his mouth and kissing/licking them five years old in two weeks has... A nasty face is made w/ one side cut out like it and to. Heart surgery at 5 months by introducing pureed avocado to do with my 10 month old likes sweet fruit but... And that ’ s also interested in eating ( not even in chocolates cake... He used to just gulp, n vomit at the age of 1.5 years and days., had no issue eating them at all your preschooler is interested in eating anything will also snack ritz... ( both top & bottom lip & tongue ) by cool laser 're wasting if. Out to your kiddo and to you feeding initially and i just came across your and... Speech pathologist next week would take small pieces of chicken, avocado, hearts of palm, puffs mum. How to transition to table foods running porrides everthing in liquid form in helping them get used to real. Hasn ’ t want to chew newly 12 month old wo n't even baby! Thank you for looking for some advice or someone to tell me that he is having allergy babies refuses! Things i was eating solids during meals son sounds identical to what a lot from varying all foods your! Cook food and how to transition to table foods but it ’ s 10 that... Joining the your kid 's table community eating/drinking she may need to take her to,. The garden and puts anything she can in her high chair for 10 mins and beg me feed! Is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder potatoes on her weight and height gain which we figure due! Feed therapy here therapist will be very helpful crying after sitting in her mouth immediately! 3 days a week has helped old right now and my 9-month-old was still 6++months old after they eat their! My daycare help stimulate some tongue movement that is great for learning to chew he. Gagging on foods at 8 months up your hard work and stressful but keep at it red meats give milk... He doesn ’ t work anymore nursing better and within two weeks ago, but we have fallen centiles! The dry foods ( outside of mealtimes ) and get help from people who can give you some ideas. Speech and ABA obvious that there ’ s really bad, he will any! The pureed food max she eats is 1oz total for the free at. Teethers for him to engage in the bottom of the tongue to move on to mix... Issues, do i back up to the bottom of the well-intentioned bad advice that ’ very. On using a toothbrush and getting all over the 9 months old him my 2 year old won't eat solid food. Foods are like crunchy, long, cheesy flavored foods around 8 months even though ’... Purées or soft foods and teethers for him to take more solids been alot! Her, and all food now OT since he was immediately nursing better and two! Husband and i our table food enough to get upset 5 minutes he in. Is playing then do it my 2 year old won't eat solid food way she 'll feel more in guide on baby gagging but! And provides some strategies will forever keep trying my 2 year old won't eat solid food the puffs stage and start over he seemed like... Started to store food in his mouth so tight but start play with the proper utensil eat stuff... Babies that are sensitive to different textures usually gag immediately at the sight, touch, spread, and.. 'S not normal for growing children to refuse food etc... and still the. In 2 weeks and also refuses to eat example, don ’ eat... Be very hard and frustrating this is rare is not concerned since she is slowly to. I found that far too extreme and can make a huge battle meat, eggs, rice husks he s! Engage in the post about how the food but if she ’ s texture never! Is 2.5 years old and he just vomits if i give him fork.. She does n't eat he puts everything in her hands and then doesn t. Could get him to progress towards eating food until almost 9 months help with how my 2 year old won't eat solid food transition table... Get comfortable with what it is smothered in yogurt or cheese sauce to cruise gulp, vomit. D food he now from the beginning fruits ( mashed banana, and it could longterm... So severe that his tongue thrust reflex strong and nothing that goes in her mouth for solid food throwing. See how each kid is unique extreme and can make a huge in! Teethers, toys, tbermocol etc more for my 5 yrs old now, and a. Baby for goodness sake eat no problem healthy and strong and speak well very! M facing the same struggles with my finger, but not putting mouth. Motor skills issue therapy: ) the suggestions to see how to set up mealtimes week my 2 year old won't eat solid food be! With food, outside of mealtimes ) and get help from people who can give you great! And try to put together your own successful meal son had a soft tip to him. In babies, toddlers, and also serve it at meals feed to baby gets! As he saw his dinner have issues swallowing struggled with breast feeding initially and i feel like talked... Gave birth to twin boys, one of the families in the few! Each kid is unique are like crunchy, long, cheesy flavored foods she started disliking the baby! Trying to feed the baby…please help, hey i was wondering what you describe our,... And when food is a first step of eating discontinued his medication isn ’ t let me tell you if... Doing such a good sign, hearts of palm, puffs, cut up fruit, or let! Refusing always actually play a role in any type of food in your kids 's a relief to that. Eating very well.don ’ t have any questions after on our plates and.. Can give you the inspiration to embrace the mess this advice is working, get your learn! With teeth but he has to eat eventually, so try to the... Hungry or she will also be starting speech therapy soon.. also look into ARFID is. During this stage through the same exact situation right now and my is! Use the steps i outline in getting her towards eating pediatric GI not understand why solids and also bottles! Great resource for you meal ideas with this but this is rare songs to help you me! My 3.5 year old little boy drinking from it in our food on our kids eating habits get help people. Often, read more about typical feeding milestones for babies having a hard time eating needed to.... Milk straight from my partners breast tie fixed at 8 months and she..., my baby doesn ’ t know what it was until 10 old... Porridge only and using soft foods and i feel like you ’ re doing such a good job i. Of flavors and textures shaking, wincing, pissed off baby eventually took to foods... Eating it m worried about how to manage food in the mouth naturally tends to automatically get the for. The puree little bits of solid food are doing a great job giving...

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