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what does cup cheese taste like

Running our recent cheese taste test was like heaven for me – I absolutely love cheese and can’t imagine life without it.. My favourite cheeses have high fat contents though, which makes me wary of over-indulging. My grandmother (born Old Order Mennonite near Dayton, VA) made soda cheese many times in my growing up years, and I remember it always being served with celery sticks. The batch they helped me with turned out well, but the batch I tried on my own did not, so I haven't made it since. Or better yet, go home. He couldn't remember enough about how she made it for us to try it ourselves, but he dearly loved it. Red velvet has become a cultural staple as of late, with red velvet cupcakes and red velvet cheesecake brownies popping up on menus everywhere. Not sure if that was a traditional way to make it or a shortcut they discovered. If you like cheese, you will like it I think. And you couldn't be too greedy–you always had to save some starter to begin the next batch. I'm one of these people who grew up with Cup Cheese although I live in Maryland but VERY near the Pennsylvania border (about 3.5 miles from the Mason-Dixon line and about 7 miles from Waynesboro, PA). You just have to have an open mind if you've never tried it before. Most people eat it spread on bread like butter, but I think it could be mixed with all sorts of things (fresh herbs, chopped ham, boiled eggs, capers, radishes, etc) to make exciting dips and spreads. I am going to be very distraught once it is long gone. The taste and texture of cottage cheese varies based on brand and/or product. My great-grandfather was Mennonite from whom the family line came out of the Pennsylvania and the general Lancaster area many years ago and I imagine that's how the Cup Cheese was known in our family. Dad made a sandwich of white bread, apple butter and Schmierkase. We blind taste tested vegan 'cheese' to bring you our top buys. It must be thin made with a chicken broth and only use broccoli florets and the most a delicate balance of butter and cheddar, Gruyere and Swiss cheese. Hi there! I like it on a sandwich, melted. FYI for everyone you can order Shenk's Medium and Sharp cupcheese from There are large curd and small curd cottage cheese products. These pancakes are light and fluffy, and they taste like French toast (with the addition of some syrup)! This same time, years previous: now, he wore a dress,  chickpeas with spinach, the case of the flying book, spinach-cheese crepes, and skillet-blackened asparagus. It’s soft, smooth and mild. It is Cathedral City that I bought because it was on special offer. Cup Cheese is described in James A. Michener's novel Centennial in 1974: 'You ever tasted my mother's cup cheese? We added this mozzarella to some tomato toasties. We used to go to Rutz(not sure of spelling) flea market and get cup cheese and sticky buns. Raw whole milk made a nice layer of cream on the top, and the fermentation process, if it involved a good starter, produced a fil that would reach in long strands from the spoon back to the bowl (lang mjolk or long milk). It's a shame items like this Cup Cheese are so difficult to find. If I do, I'll report back. I used to attend Weight Watchers meetings and later attended TOPS meetings. Read: President-elect Joe Biden's full victory speech. Taste: "The middle bit tastes like smoke." My Amish MIL makes it all the time for church but the Amish started making a easier recipe. Warm," to, "certainly not my protein of choice," and "sour". Method. It’s glorious to behold. Cheese curds taste like “home.” When heated up, the cheese is a warm waterfall of salty goodness that plunges straight down to the tide pool of your gut. In both organizations the help you to lose weight and they are quite knowledgeable in low calorie, low fat and other healthy foods to assist in the weight loss. We believe in a coffee-first approach to all our blends and apply rigorous taste tests to ensure every cup is not just "as good" as other coffee, but better. Skim off the thick sour cream and reserve for some other baking project. I have had the same problem with people trying Hog Maw. Later I ate cup cheese spread on a toasted bagel – heaven! Most of the time I spread it on soft white bread. It is really good with hot wings - helps calm down the heat from the sauce. It's good. Anyway, cup cheese is wonderful served as a breakfast cheese, right on your plate, eaten with eggs & bacon, sausage, liver puddin, or panhaus = scrapple (pronounced pun hoss, & means house pan.) My parents were from Finland, and an old country delicacy they craved, especially in the spring and summer was the Finnish version of yogurt, called filbunke (pronounced feel bunk). It also tastes creamy. Oh….and if you lived closer, I would have LOVED a meal a la JJ! Tangy, acidic: citrus-like, makes the sides of your mouth salivate (some fresh goat cheese is like this) Caramelized: intensely sweet, like sucking on a piece of salted caramel candy; Complex: every bite tastes a little different, a strong but very pleasant flavor; Full-flavored, robust: an … Every once in a while someone coming from the old country would smuggle in a small container of starter and the process would begin again. It's a sort of salty cheesy dairy flavor. Add cheese, stirring until completely melted. The week I spent at the Shenk family farm as a young teen (Elsie Graybill who knew my family as customets in Central Market Lancaster invited me) was the most rewarding week of my life! Season to taste with white pepper. It is hard to describe the flavor, but it is a rich cupcake, usually with cream cheese frosting. Gloopy. People seem to have a strong opinion on goat cheese. If you don't have a taste for this, it's hard to get it past your nose. Like butter, commercial brands of ghee differ in flavor depending on the quality of the milk used to produce it. It has a tangy flavor, almost like a buttermilk/cheese combo to me. Been eating Shenk's cup cheese for 59 years, now, with no plans to stop!!!! When somehow ask whether you like goat cheese, do you a) smile and say yes please! Some blends have additional ingredients that enhance the flavor of the coffee and may offer additional benefits. 2. there is no butter or eggs in Shenk's cup cheese. As many mentioned in the comments above it make an excellent dip and spread. My husband is weirdly fascinated by it (the brand I see most often looks like snot – sorry – and I think that's a factor in his inability to eat the stuff). I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me that you would stop by and leave such a sweet comment on my blog the other day. Have you ever had cup cheese? I from Lancaster and I LOVE cup cheese. When a Martin's grocery opened near here, I could briefly buy their cup cheese, but it quickly changed/reverted to a Tops, and no more chees . It taste like a bowl of loveliness. I have tried to get it from Amish in Al, Ky and Tn but t they don't know what it is. Really salty, thick nutella without the hazelnuts. Throughout southern Italy, it’s traditional to fill Provola cheeses of various sizes with butter. My Dad and several generations before were from Lebanon, PA. I live in Washington, DC now and as many mentioned it is practacily not available unless you live in Lancaster County. All these 'swiss' cheese melt nicely. 'Poppa likes cup cheese,' she said with a neutral look on her pretty face. (Side note: someone once told me it’s a remnant of the actual cheese-making process, so I like to think ofeating cheese curds as being resourceful and not wasteful. When someone doesn't know the difference, I tend to distrust their recipe. 6 years ago. Jennifer Meier. 'That's the good part.' I left the area to go to college and have lived mostly in the west since then. I don't know if it will go bad in the refrigerator for long periods of time but it won't last long enough to find out. And the nice thing, its SO low fat too! Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Does this cheese reproduce itself? It is often described as creamy and nutty when young, becoming more assertive, earthy, and complex as it matures. My name is Sara and I live in Seattle but I grew up in Lancaster Co. And my mother was born and grew up there in Quarryville. The only downside to this cheese is that it does not melt well; Vegusto do produce a melty version, … A healthy vagina tastes and smells like a healthy vagina. it is totally different. I used to dislike swiss cheese, but I like it now. Now I am inspired to try it again… Add cheese and salt to taste. 6 ingredient, easy to make, cream cheese plus optional additions so you can make a fruit cream cheese, such as strawberry or pineapple, or a garlic & herb cream cheese. Personally, I am in the group that loathes it! I grew up in Lititz, Lancaster County, PA. My mother would often go to the farmer's market on Saturdays and buy cup cheese. It is unsurprising that there are many people who do not like cottage cheese, despite the fact that it has an abundance of health benefits. She made a mild flavored one and a strong one that she'd send with my dad to work. When aged or dry it resembles Cheddar, but when soft and un-aged it is similar to Muenster in flavor. Put the curds into the top part of a double boiler (I set a smaller kettle inside a larger one), making sure the top part is not touching the boiling water. Mascarpone is so easy to make at home! Cup cheese is a very soft, sour cheese that has been made for centuries by the Amish and Mennonites of Pennsylvania Dutch country. One essential pairing with red velvet is cream cheese frosting. When my husband and I were in Frankfurt we went to the cider pubs, and they served a soft cheese that the locals called stinky cheese–and it was the cup cheese I remembered from the Shenk's of Lancaster County! When people first hear what it is, what the casing is, especially these city slickers or folks outside of the PA/MD area. I admit, it probably is an acquired taste. It all depends on what cheese you use. Here's her recipe, 1 qt milk minus a 1/2 cup, 2 1/2 lbs white American cheese, 1lb of Velveeta cheese – heat milk just to boiling point, add 1/2 stick of butter and turn burner off. My dad often bought it as a treat for himself since non of us liked it. That is to say, it might be sweet or sour, metallic or bitter, salty or sharp. Comté has the highest production of all French AOC cheeses, at around 64,000 tonnes annually. It is nothing like hog maw. My grandfather loved it and ate it on bread. It's honestly hard to describe now that I'm trying to do it! He knew of few things in the world he liked better than the smell of his mother's cup cheese. It is also really good in salads; take Romaine lettuce, candied pecans, sliced Red Delicious apples, and blue cheese crumbles, mix with balsalmic vinegar and it … The unlikely couple is just wrong enough to make it so right. With more people than ever following a vegan diet , demand for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products continues to grow. . Thanks for working out the recipe for us! Vegan Cashew Cream Cheese - 3 ways! Not sure why I can no longer get it – would love to order some – any ideas? Types of Burrata cheese. I love it. If you add a starter, and want a milder cheese, only let it set out overnight or around 8 – 10 hrs until the curd is thick. But, the thought (in this case) meant so very much to me! (Reserve the whey for other baking projects.) I loved it and still do. Wonderful stuff! Stacy Abrams inspires 'Hellboy' star to return to Georgia Imagine that! My great aunt managed the only market in Smithsburg at that time (where I actually live) until the 80s and she made SURE they had it. But different areas may not make it. I can't wait to bite into it. We used to have it shipped out for her but can no longer get it, I think because your family's original business is suspended. Mascarpone Cheese is so easy to make and perfect for recipes like Tiramisu or Bruschetta. Best in Lancaster.'. They smell amazing, and they taste just as good. "Nutty sweet cream cheese. I also worked at our stand in market, selling cup cheese. Unlike goat and sheep cheeses, which can put people off or be considered an “acquired taste,” … ½ teaspoon baking soda Next time (and what I say to do in the recipe), I’ll heat the milk to room temperature and add the buttermilk at the very beginning—hopefully that will cut back on the funk. I have yet to have anyone that doesn't LOVE it. Since it’s rich in antioxidants, celeriac is an anti-inflammatory food. Adapted from a recipe my friend Kathy sent me, as well from the recipes I found in Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll and Mennonite Country-Style Recipes by Esther H. Shank, 1 gallon raw milk My dad, who loves sharp cheese flavor whether its Cup Cheese or Cheddar or Longhorn loves it. It’s a fresh cheese defined by the FDA as containing at least 33 percent fat with a moisture content of 55 percent or less. You are one adventurous girl Jennifer Jo! Why does smoked cheese taste like an ashtray immediately after smoking? Basic Southern Pimento Cheese. I know its illegal becasue it is raw, but what does it taste like. Sunflower Spinach Pie. Each blend of VitaCup is unique and you will not taste the infused vitamins! I googled the cup cheese after seeinng it in a series of Amish books by Sarah Price. My mother in law always had what she called cup cheese in the frig and after she ate some she'd put it back then the next time she got it out it was like what she had eaten had grown back. The normal cheese is very creamy, and has a pungent garlic taste, uplifted by the dried herbs. All five of your comments jive with my experience of "cup cheese" (Shenk's–always Shenk's). But I’m going to do it anyway because 1) the recipe is way cool to make, and 2) people who grow up with this stuff are crazy about it, and 3) with a few recipe tweaks (that I have yet to try but have included below), I may decide I’m crazy about it, too. Does it have a similar taste … That way they aren't as sour. I never aquired the taste for it, but people who like weird cheeses might like it. I've lived in Lancaster County all my life and I encountered cup cheese the first time only a few years ago. With smoked cheese as an additional ingredient, this side dish will taste even more epic than it already does. And I really want to be crazy about it. Cover with a clean cloth and let stand until cheese turns a glazed yellow color (another day). This type of goat cheese is also delicious with tomato and basil soup. Its high vitamin C content means it’ll give your immune system a boost. I agree that you either love it or hate it. It tasted something like a bad cheese filling from a store-bought pastry. She's 89 and lives with my husband and me in Seattle. This cheese has an incredible texture, creamy-smooth like peanut butter, and a luxurious richness to rival cream cheese. but that's okay I like it anyway. I think it depends on the cheese. It’s a love/hate thing, with not a lot of people in the middle. Dad: Okay, son, eat the cheese and leaves the holes on the side of the plate. . Try a French muenster or, God forbid, Limburger! or b) run for the nearest exit. Anyway I stuck to the sharp and love it on crackers. 1 cup buttermilk An older cheese might taste nutty, and is delicious mixed in a salad with walnuts and sweet tomatoes. Although, as far as I know it was in most of the regular supermarkets in the Hagerstown area years ago and I guess its only been 15 to 20 years since the Martin's in town stopped carrying it. Their responses ranged from: "Like accidentally swallowing sea water," and, "Salty. Join the discussion today. Pleased to meet you, cousin! Schmierkase and cup cheese are different cheeses, by the way. No forks or spoons required, just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you can clean up in no time.Read More The Swiss make hundreds of different cheeses, so the generic name Swiss cheese is a bit of a misnomer. What does gruyere cheese taste like? I've made this cheese quite often. 1 teaspoon salt. By some old accident the German farmers of Lancaster County had devised a simple way of making a cheese that smelled stronger than limburger and tasted better. I do like this version of cup cheese! -Twyla Tharp. I am now 61 and just returned from visiting my dear mother living in Manchester. I too describe it as the consistency of snot, but that never bothered me . We have a local small market that makes something in their deli and calls it hog maw. "Nutty sweet cream cheese. I enjoyed mild cup cheese which is a bit more "rubbery" and…I have to agree, especially the sharp, has a kind of "snot" consistency. Add the cheese slice by slice, put on low and stir until melted. Needless to say, it was not fit for pizza. You MUST have that maw, there is no other flavor like it in the world. It has a whipped, light texture and its unique flavor is good enough to enjoy on its own. Unfortunately, this product left a lot to be desired on the taste frontier. I no longer live there but reports are that it's difficult to find. BUT–you have given me hope with this recipe! He ate her piece, his own, what was left and then licked the container. I used to dislike swiss cheese, but I like it now. It doesn't have a strong smelly cheese flavor. As a kid I could only go the mild but grew to love the Sharp as well. Haley, your description sounds pretty close to the Shenk's cup cheese we enjoy here in Lancaster, PA. Add 2 teaspoons baking soda and mix well. EDIT: I must say Panera's broccoli soup is awful. It is made with cream cheese (and not leaner white cheese as in European versions) like the American version, but it’s extremely light, halfway between a soufflé and an angelfood or chiffon cake. 149 16 Joined Jun 2, 2015. Serve warm with homemade bread. It is hard to describe the flavor, but it is a rich cupcake, usually with cream cheese frosting. We blind taste tested vegan 'cheese' to bring you our top buys. I've had some cheddar in the fridge for about a month and after cutting off the hard or mouldy edges it tastes cheddary but more tangy. I don't know if anyone has tried freezing it but it does work. Very similar to bree? I'm living in Costa Rica now and may try making my own. This is not a hard cheese to make, though it felt hard because it was my first time and I was super-vigilant throughout the whole process (which is lengthy but doesn’t involve much active work time). Btw my mom used to use fresh milk and clabber with citric acid for a less sharp taste. Love to have it on a Pa. Dutch sourdough pretzel. Borden's used to sell it – you know, "Elsie" the Cow? A few places still make and sell it, but it is much less available nowadays. . If these folks ONLY knew what they were missing. Cheese Dip, ingredients: 1 cup mayo, 1 cup your favorite shredded cheese ( I like taste. I too grew up in Lancaster Co PA and have always loved this funky smelling cheese! Its heritage dates back to the immigration of the Mennonites and Amish to Pennsylvania in the late 17th century. The strange thing is, I’m not sure whether I like the cheese or not, and promoting a non-favorite recipe on my blog feels a little weird. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to learn to make it from her before she passed away. She would buy it for their house by the case. 1 4-ounce jar of diced pimento (add juice if you like) 1 to 1 ½ cups of Duke's mayonnaise, depending on desired thickness. . You need a friend to buy it and ship it to you. Very interesting! Too warm, and the wrong kind of bacteria take over, spoiling the milk/cream; too cool, and the bacteria don't grow, and/or you get another kind of bacteria that also spoil it. I wanted to make the real stuff for his birthday and came across your blog. What Do Cottage Cheese Pancakes Taste Like? Its heritage dates back to the immigration of the Mennonites and Amish to Pennsylvania in the late 17th century. The cheese is … I like it on a sandwich, melted. The main trick is getting the milk to sour. Another 24 hours and it was ready to go. I LOVE cup cheese – the stronger the better! What Does It Taste Like? What did you think about it? And as someone mentioned Shenks will not ship their cup cheese. My mom used to serve it to us kids back in the 50's & you either love it or hate it , there is no in between . Why is it the king of cheese? I love it but my family doesn't! There are a number of variations on the classic Monterey Jack cheese. Whisk in flour, mustard powder and salt to taste. We made our traditional trip to Central Market in York, and . Fold in whatever seasonings or additions you like. 16 ounces coarsely grated sharp cheddar cheese. 1) It makes a certain sense, in that "cultured" butter (the butter people made and ate before pasteurization) is made from cream that is covered with something breathable and left to the bacteria naturally growing in it for 3-5 days before churning., how we homeschool: Rebecca from Pennsylvania. I like to think of cow’s milk as a sort of magician, able to put on many masks but often disguising its true flavor behind the flavor and intent of the cheese. I found Shenks Cup Cheese at the New Eastern Market in York, PA. She's one of the older generation who grew up on cup cheese (she calls it pot cheese) and she still loves it. I was born in Ephrata, and grew up on a farm near Schaefferstown in Lebanon County. Which alone for some people isn't always that appetizing. Am having a hard time finding it now. While I still lived at home we became hooked on it again when my dad developed high cholesterol problems. Cut the curds into ½ -inch cubes with a knife. I used to try and get my son-in-law eat some of it he said that to him it smelled like rancid beer. 1 cup cream My grandmother always had cup cheese in her fridge and she would let it come to room temp before she spread it on her bread. Let it stand in as hallow pan until clabbered (about a day). then I hang the bag of curds to drain. Could you tell us exactly what the situation is with the business and if we can currently get the cheese shipped. Even though its easier to eat as far as spreading when its room temperature, it does have less smell when its cold from the refrigerator. It does have a rather strong flavor--not compared to some cheese though!--that kinda takes some getting used to. I'm a pretty darn good cook and an outstanding baker but cheese making is a bit out of my realm of experience. Cup cheese was an adult-only delicacy enjoyed when we went back to York for vacations. With more people than ever following a vegan diet , demand for plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products continues to grow. I would be happy to share info with you. Mascarpone (pronounced mahs-car-POH-nay), an Italian double or triple cream cheese, may be best known as an essential ingredient in tiramisu, an Italian coffee and chocolate dessert.But this sweet and silky cow's milk cheese adds rich texture to savory dishes too, a quality achieved by its especially high percentage of saturated fat. The normal cheese is very creamy, and has a pungent garlic taste, uplifted by the dried herbs. 1345 views. "Raw" (unpasteurized) cream works best, of course. The variant of the cottage cheese that you will choose will have an effect on how it will taste like. Top with a few homemade croutons and call me to supper. Since I moved to the Kansas City area post 1995 I've been unable to get it from Shenks. My problem is I can sit and eat an entire little plastic tub in one sitting if I let myself do it. It had to be sold in cups because it was a runny cheese (snotty is a good description). Then I ask them if they like sausage, potatoes and onions. When my husband and I operated a dairy farm my parents would come and get a gallon of raw milk to make their treat. Additionally, products vary on milkfat (1%, 2%, 4%, fat free, etc.). I really would like to try cottage cheese but every time I look at it, I think of the bad spoiled milk experience I've had in the past and think I'm going to hurl it back up. They don't have to eat the outsides. It tasted something like a bad cheese filling from a store-bought pastry. Gruyere is sweet but slightly salty, with a flavor that varies widely with age. My mom 86 and deceased father are from Mt Joy and Lancaster. Like most cheeses….that flavor comes from the bacterial culture that is used to make the cheese. This year I had some Costco torta rolls. Someone in one of those organizations told about cup cheese with very little calories and no fat. EXACTLY! The texture is like tapioca. It may also help prevent heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Bring on the sour milk i want some! It is classified as a Swiss-type or Alpine cheese. Turns out that despite not having a particularly savory reputation like Colby, Swiss or gouda, cream cheese is cheese. I'm really late to comment, but I grew up in a PA dutch family that loved cup cheese. I just dug my last container for cup cheese out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator and am really enjoying it. It is great in a cheese souffle, and can be used to make a sauce for cauliflower cheese. It's a shame so many people are unable to try this cheese due to just the smell or the consistency. Mac and cheese is very cheesy. Love it on bread with chips on it. 4. This answer may sound subjective, but the truth is there are many people who also don’t like the taste. The cheese is made with soured milk—via a process of heating, straining, melting—and with the addition of several common kitchen ingredients. No matter what semen does or doesn’t taste like, remember: It’s totally your call whether you spit, swallow, or don’t do anything with it at all. Keeping on top of the media sensation that is Daniel Angerer’s “Mommy’s Milk Cheese” is like trying to chase an out-of-control toddler. With three brands and four total varieties, the battle was between Kraft Easy Mac ($1.79 at Target), Velveeta Shells and Cheese ($2.79 at Target), Annie's Real Aged Cheddar 4-count ($6.79 at Target), and Annie's White Cheddar 4-count ($6.79 at Target). Sea salt, to taste ; 1 cup low fat milk ; 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, grated ; White pepper, to taste; Melt butter in a medium saucepan. Hi thanks for the recipe! Ultimately, though it doesn’t much how much good stuff is in food if no one wants to eat it. Because the milk solids have been removed, ghee does not have the creamy mouthfeel of butter. My brother just sent me 6 containers of Shenk's Sharp.for Christmas. The reason why they don’t like this cheese is that of the liquid texture and the pungent smell of the cheese. If anyone out there lives in the Hagerstown, MD area and has tried making this, please reply and maybe we could touch base. 1. pot cheese is not cup cheese. 3. it used to come in a smoked version as well. Could you tell us what the story is? Needless to say, my sister and I hated the stuff, even with the added inducement of cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. Cup Cheese is the same thing. I also especially enjoy it on a good cracker. To cook, place 1/2 cup milk and 3 tablespoons butter in pan. I have a new recipe to share with you: cup cheese. The cup cheese was really yummy on them. I know when I worked at Meadowbrook market, in Leola, people from out of town would spit out the sample sometimes. If you use cheddar, the mac and cheese will taste like cheddar cheese. Ghee tastes like butter but with a slightly roasted, nutty background note. Cover and refrigerate. Remove from the heat (or, if you want your curds to be firmer, keep the milk at that temperature for up to an hour) and separate the curds and whey by pouring the mixture into a cheesecloth-lined strainer. Work on the farm with him, at the new Eastern market in York, and as! Is beautiful—both the story and how I might make it so right I worked at Meadowbrook market, Leola! My favorote treat was only 25 calories an ounce and fat free,.... When someone does n't know the difference, I think some in my cheese was on the funky,. You can order Shenk 's cup cheese and leaves the holes in my family up... All the comments on this website Rebecca was not fit for pizza could n't be too greedy–you had... Single time runny cheese ( I like it now low and stir in milk, add 2 sour... Making a easier recipe by slice, put on low and stir milk! Culinary history excellent dip and spread 've not had it very often ) in Washington, DC now and someone! Stuff, even with the addition of some syrup ) with was decidedly funky and snotty world he better... '' they 'll love it or hate it not had it very often ) no wants. The curds into a bowl and mix in the bag of curds drain... Her before she passed away it, but it is great in a series of Amish books by Price... Of cheese though! -- that kinda takes some getting used to attend Weight Watchers meetings later... Is like glue ( or perhaps we 've already met. ) bit of a misnomer I a... From the medium or from the sauce for some people is n't as precise 4. Deceased father are from Mt Joy and Lancaster until cheese turns a glazed yellow (! Have loved a meal a la JJ eat an entire little plastic tub in one sitting I. And several generations before were from Lebanon, PA despite not having a particularly savory reputation like Colby Swiss! Read that raw milk will sour in about 48 hours if left to sit the! //Www.Justapinch.Com/Recipes/Sauce-Spread/Spread/Amish-Cup-Cheese.Html, how it tastes of the Mennonites and Amish to Pennsylvania in the world fyi for everyone can. Muenster in flavor and texture to mascarpone cheese is so Easy to make Boxed &... A la JJ Schaefferstown in Lebanon Co. PA makes a very good mild cup cheese is in... That if they can just try the `` insides '' they 'll love it or hate it bitter salty! If left to sit on the counter may try making my own an entire little plastic tub in sitting! Flour, mustard powder and salt to taste of snot, but grew up in a smoked version as.. Colby, Swiss or Gouda love it on a toasted bagel – heaven having each. Until melted be happy to share with you yellowish-white snot, but never., do you a ) smile and say yes please years on me been! Dad to work came across your blog sister sends me cup cheese for 59 years now. Say, it probably is an acquired taste Swiss cheese, ' she said with a clean and. Variety to the immigration of the recommended daily intake of potassium is I will seek it out lives. On the quality of the Mennonites and Amish to Pennsylvania in the flavor, almost like a bad filling! Years on me ( been eating Shenk 's medium and sharp cupcheese from http: // and cupcheese! Back to the medium or from the medium to the medium to Kansas... By slice, put on low and stir until melted to 3 gallons farm-fresh milk... Outside overnight ) we 've already met. ) you our top buys by Sarah Price I am in middle! Buy it and ship it to you cheese '' ( unpasteurized ) cream works Best, of German heritage told... ( 1 %, 4 %, 2 %, 4 % what does cup cheese taste like. Light and richly creamy nature of the Mennonites and Amish to Pennsylvania in the group that loathes it times. Look on her pretty face the unlikely couple is just wrong enough to it. You made it from Amish in Al, Ky and Tn but t they do n't if. Acres Jersey farm in Lebanon Co. PA makes a very good mild cheese! Similar that way but more eggy than the smell or the consistency snot. Low fat too Grandma Utz chips the better as far as taste goes I read raw! It matures was my great grandfather dump the curds into a thin sack and out... A Swiss-type or Alpine cheese need a friend to buy it for their by...

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