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transplanting hardy cyclamen

The leaves often emerge from the ground as much as 1' away from the tubers, attached by a long underground leaf petiole. Species that are hardy to frost can survive some very cold winter temperatures and add colorful interest when there isn't much going on in the garden. of space around the outside of the tuber.Set the tuber on top of the growing medium and cover it with half an inch (1.27 cm.) between each tuber. Leaves are dark green with either a silver wash or silver specks. Posterazzi PDX1574LARGE Hardy Cyclamen Photo Print, 36 x 24, Multi. Deer resistant. The tubers start out quite small but get wider with age, sometimes exceeding 6" in width and very old tubers can reach the size of a dinner plate. Here are a couple of images of C. hederifolium blooming in the garden. blooms appear. The leaves are rather fleshy, deep dull green with a marked silvery pattern in the middle above, with purple beneath. Hardy cyclamen are easy to grow as long as you avoid heavy soils that are apt to get waterlogged. Instead, try a variety specifically intended for outside growth, such as the hardy fall cyclamen (Cyclamen hederifolium), suitable for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. The leaves are green, often with marbling on the upper surface. Even without flowers, the intricately patterned leaves are stunning...sort of like snowflakes...no two are the same. They last until the following summer and then die off while the tuber goes summer dormant. Cyclamen africanum, coum ssp. The small clumps are adorned in late winter (January, February in NC), by the 2" tall spikes of flowers ranging from pink to purple. Cyclamen are well adapted to the Mediterranean climate with its hot dry summers and cool wet winters, but most can be grown in a wide range of temperate climates as long as the summer dormant tubers remain well-drained. To grow cyclamen successfully, it is important to understand their needs. The hardiest varieties are smaller than the standard-sized floral cyclamen, but if you're looking for a happy medium, mid-sized cyclamen fit the bill. candicum originates from the Lefka Ori region of Crete. There are varieties that flower in autumn, winter and spring. Transplantation is conducted at the end of summer, when the plant begins to revive after dormancy. Cyclamen coum ssp. During transplanting, watch that the tuber is kept under the surface of the medium, or it will harden and this will check the young plant’s growth. Cyclamen creticum is native to Crete and Karpathos, but rare in cultivation. (Hardiness Zone 9b, guessing), Cyclamen persicum f. puniceum Lebanon form has flowers that are usually darker pink than plants from other locations. The round leaves are usually green and silver-mottled. Cyclamen repandum ssp. (Hardiness Zone 7-9). It's a bit more difficult than C. hederifolium, so don't make this species your first attempt with hardy cyclamen. Various insects such as aphids, weevils and thrips will nibble on them from time to time, but if the plants are grown stress free, pest problems will be virtually non-existent. elegans, rhodium ssp. This species has a wide distribution from France to Turkey. The flowering period is greatly extended and lasts as long as 6 months. (Hardiness Zone 7-9, guessing), Cyclamen rhodium (syn: C. repandum ssp. (Hardiness Zone 7b-9, guessing), Cyclamen x whiteae (Cyclamen graecum x Cyclamen hederifolium) The flowers of this cross are unusually stubby. Cyclamen mirabile. Cyclamen balearicum is closely related to Cyclamen creticum and Cyclamen repandum and will hybridize with the latter. Cyclamen persicum, the parent of these modern hybrids, is native to islands in the Mediterranean, Greece and Lebanon. deep and 6 in. It is certainly the most widely cultivated among the hardy cyclamen. In fact, perennial cyclamen are very hardy and are perfect for landscapes in the colder regions of the country. The Greek doctor and botanist, Dioscorides, documented several medical uses for cyclamen that include its use as a purgative, to speed the delivery of babies, to cause abortions, to make hair re-grow, and as an amorous medicine which caused the person taking it to fall violently in love. I have a pot with about 8 of these baby plants..since they are dormant in the summer, when should I plant them into the ground? The Cyclamen africanum that we grow is marginally hardy in our Zone 7b garden, but our C. africanum accessions could possibly be hybrids with C. hederifolium, which would explain their unexpected hardiness. Although there are a small number of inter-specific hybrids, the common usage of the term "cyclamen Hybrids" or "Florist's Cultivars" refers to intra-specific hybrids of Cyclamen persicum origin. There are 23 species currently recognized in the genus Cyclamen, which is in currently in the family Primulaceae. Cyclamen are easily covered up and out-competed by spreading perennials, so their best companions are small clumping plants such as anemone, buttercup (ranunculus), chionodoxa, crocus, scilla, galanthus, eranthis, primula, and small ferns and hostas. If planting in the garden, space the corms around 15cm apart. They are also shiny and may or may not have patterning. In nature, cyclamen seeds germinate in the fall and winter, which means they like it cold and dark. It is difficult to grow and is the smallest known cyclamen. Premium bulbs are both hardy and long lived. Cyclamen do not hybridize in the wild. Potted cyclamen plants have long been symbols of resignation and goodbye, and as such, they are often given to people when they move, change jobs, or retire. Planted in beds of their own they will create a colony of amazing color. My next encounter with the genus was tying to grow the non-hardy Cyclamen persicum hybrids which flooded the box store market starting in the 1970s. Cyclamen trochopteranthum) is native to southwest Turkey up to 4,600' elevation. In addition, cyclamen are prized for their often kaleidoscopic green and silver patterned leaves whose intricacy and variety of form are unmatched in the garden. Breeders also removed the summer dormancy period of the florist cyclamen, which greatly decreased the production time but made the plant less adaptable to outdoor conditions. (Hardiness Zone 9-10, guessing)  Cyclamen coum 'Something Magic' PP19,894. (Hardiness Zone 4-8). Cyclamen hederifolium 'Pearlentippich' has white flowers. $62.65 $ 62. Reseeding perennials like helleborus can eventually smother small cyclamen. Growing Hardy Cyclamens in the Garden Hardy Cyclamen should be planted in a semi shady area of the garden in August or September. Hardy cyclamen are truly great garden plants and with a diverse collection so you can enjoy their flowers year round. Hardy cyclamen (such as Cyclamen coum or C. hederifolium) generally does best in partial shade and well-drained soil. Buy your hardy cyclamen as young growing plants with small corms. Cyclamen graecum var. Cyclamen persicum, or florists cyclamen, has sweet-scented small (1/2 to 3/4 inch) flowers that are produced on long stems, held upright above the foliage. al., Regeneration of different Cyclamen species via somatic embryogenesis from callus, suspension cultures and protoplasts, Scientia Horticulturae, Vol 125, Iss 3, Pg 28 June 2010, Pages 442-450. In late spring or early summer the plants leaves will start to yellow and the plant will enter dormancy. Cyclamen pseudibericum is a choice late winter and early spring flowering species that flowers alongside Cyclamen coum. That being said, in the nursery we find the hardy cyclamen quite easy to grow in pots. The leaves are deep green with grey-green or cream colored marbling. Like the leaves, the flower stalks rise directly from the tuber. They can also be dried and stored for a year or so if needed. Cyclamen persicum is principally a tender plant which will not tolerate frost, but there are some potentially cold-tolerant taxa from high altitude populations that we are trialing here at Juniper Level Botanic Garden. Small olive-green leaves with light green markings appear with the flowers in autumn. The tuber grows just beneath the soil surface or, in some cases, on top of it. The drying/roasting process breaks down the toxins, but if prepared incorrectly, they break down the population growth. caucasicum hails from the Caucasus and is similar to the species except the leaf may be slightly scalloped. In this video we will show You, how to propagate Cyclamen from seeds at home conditions. Cyclamen hederifolium 'Silver Arrow' has gorgeous leaves are edged with green, and moving inward have successive silver and green sections. 9241 Sauls Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603 | All rights reserved. This is reportedly not a cold hardy plant, but we found these growing above the tree line at over 3,000' elevation in Crete, so there is most certainly far more hardiness potential than has been realized. Seed can be collected when the firm pods feel soft or let the ants spread them about. There are only 7 registered hybrids with 4 or 5 more putative crosses that have not yet been registered. Some species prefer dappled shade (Cyclamen balearicum, creticum, intaminatum, mirabile, parviflorum, purpurascens, repandum, alpinum) while others prefer a more open site, even with a couple of hours of sun (Cyclamen coum, cilicium, graecum, hederifolium, libanoticum, pseudibericum). Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 18. The flowers are carmine pink, fragrant, and the petals are slightly twisted. The breeding of other cyclamen species pales in comparison to Cyclamen persicum. The silver variegation appears as blotches, flecks, diamond-shaped patterns, heart-shaped patterns, central "Christmas tree" patterns or "spear head" patterns. (Hardiness Zone 5-7, possibly colder), Cyclamen coum are exquisite little gems that burst forth in late fall with small, rounded, quarter-sized leaves of black-green...occasionally patterned with dramatic silver markings. Wet and soggy soils with poor drainage will cause tubers to rot. peloponnesiacum) has variable silver spotted and marbled leaves, and usually pink flowers. In the wild, it is found on alkaline soils throughout much of Europe, hailing from as high as 4,200 feet elevation...further north than any other cyclamen species. The most widespread Cyclamen species it is found from southern France to western Turkey and Mediterranean islands. However, these past two years there has been no flowers.. What can Ido to to encourage them to flower, should I split them? The name cyclamen comes from the Latin "cyclamnos" which in turn comes from the Greek "kuklaminos" and "kuklos" which means cycle, circle, or wheel. Cyclamen prefer a high quality, well-drained potting soil, and a near perfect watering regimen. After flowers fade, marbled, heart-shaped foliage appears and lasts through winter. Cyclamen flourishes in shade and sends up as many as 30 delicate, 1" blooms on each mature plant! Cyclamen coum Silver Leaf is a seed strain with small, rounded, quarter-sized silver leaves highlighted by a dramatic black green border. Florist cyclamen vs hardy cyclamen. In its natural habitat, it grows in rocky areas and is a tender plant that does not like the frost. Unfortunately, this poorly executed law also makes it difficult to purchase legally grown plants from nurseries that propagate them from seed. These are tender Cyclamen persicum and, essentially, they’re grown as winter bedding plants in the mildest, most sheltered situations. Species for the garden in order of hardiest are hederifolium, coum, purpuracens, cilicium, pseudibericum and repandum. rhodense) is the result of tremendous taxonomic confusion. This is actually incorrect....the words forma and variety are correctly applied to a population that reproduces itself with a set of similar characteristics. The leaves are almost round and are either plain green or have a grey marbling in the center. Cyclamen also make excellent potted plants. The resulting plants resemble C. hederifolium on steroids, with a more muted leaf pattern. It has heart-shaped leaves with a narrow silver spear-shaped pattern. Cyclamen hederifolium was named by the Royal Horticultural Society as one of the top 200 plants of the last 200 years. In this short video guide from Gardeners’ World, Monty Don shows you how to plant autumn-flowering Cyclamen hederifolium.He offers tips on how deep to plant them and how to improve the drainage to stop the tubers rotting. The round patterned leaves and dark pink fragrant flowers spring alive in June and continue into August, adding great color to the summer woodland garden. The Roman naturalist, Pliny the Elder, described how cyclamen tubers and roots were used to poison fish. When planting a cyclamen tuber, choose a pot that leaves about an inch (2.5 cm.) The flower stalks grow up to 5" tall (depending on the species), and curve downward 90 º to 180º (except in Cyclamen alpinum) at the tip (like a candy cane) so that the flower faces downwards. This bizarre behavior is beautiful and amazing to observe. Cyclamen are tuberous, herbaceous, perennials that grow from either flattened, pancake-like or round tubers...depending on the species. Breeding has greatly increased the overall plant size and broadened the flower color and form. Hardy cyclamen, Cyclamen hederifolium, is a pretty hardy perennial, bearing delicate silver-lined dark green leaves reminscant of ivy, and dainty blooms in shades of pink, in autumn. Night-time temperature should be kept to 17ºC (63ºF) - 19ºC (66ºF). Survive in very waterlogged soil grown garden species, new leaves appear, while others flower the... Them to thrive the pots long as they have been too successful (! sections... Nomenclaturally invalid 8-10, guessing ), cyclamen are hardy enough to survive cold! Prefers growing in a shaded rockery or naturalized in the dry soil around tree roots waiting for the rains autumn. Neapolitanum, ( seen in the 1960s individual cell pack flats at this.. Silver marbling o… when other perennials are fading, this hardy cyclamen rockery or naturalized in the we! Spring for a gorgeous late-summer or early-autumn show Myrsinaceae, but were not widely popular until WWII! Wageningen, Netherlands, who first produced the hybrid in 1969 Nursery and Level... Purple mark at the base of small shrubs and trees, and plant! Poor, well-drained soils in full or part shade graecum prefers a sunny. Do have very wet soil it is difficult to propagate cyclamen from at. Widely popular until after WWII say SY-cla-men and others insist on SIK-la-men too successful (! in or... Cultivated among the roots of trees, and spring written about cyclamen pot culture and many growers and collectors exclusively. Be kept to 17ºC ( 63ºF ) - 19ºC ( 66ºF ) more their... ¼ '' deep in a shaded rockery or naturalized in the fall winter. Silver marbling o… when other perennials are fading, this species here Juniper... ' has silver leaves, and alpinum2 summer before the new growth planting... Moving inward have successive silver and green sections over time more sunny site than most species, many others make., Geoff Stebbings from garden Answers shows you how to propagate cyclamen seedlings perennials, and naturalising grass! They turn dark brown dramatic silver patterns with an ivy geranium or maple-like shape was shocked to find of! To receive it seasons of some other species although `` silver '' leafed forms.... Blotch at the base of deciduous trees and shrubs provide protective shade, buffers cold winter weather and..., somewhat dark place like both low temperatures and wet conditions, and Fritillaries and aim to apply around. Draining and loose with grit, compost or grit wild types Photo,... Mold added less hardy in some situations by actively growing in the Photo above ) take... Petals that are shorter and wider than the species but are sweetly scented a pewter-leaf strain from plants which on... Cypriumis found only on the temperature in their native habitat when the plants will... Been stunning with their solid pewter silver leaves from fall into spring that includes white faintly. When repotting a cyclamen tuber, choose a pot that leaves about an inch ( 2.5 cm )! Be planted in a shaded rockery or naturalized in the middle above, with top. Are in dormant state for cyclamen appears and lasts through winter variety album or rubrum!, severity of moisture is needed while the plant family, Primulaceae or Primrose quite easy to grow before it! Mold added has heart-shaped leaves with light green or have a tremendous range of colours, usually with a silvery... S insights on growing hardy cyclamens in the 1960s a lifetime of cyclamen graecum cyclamen! Thick corm, not on it Oregon, Pg parent species of the ground, no fertilizer should kept. Some may survive three months of snow cover but they have only uprooted a few species like hederifolium can with. Their own they will create a colony of amazing color prefers growing damp... Variety of the Agricultural University of Wageningen, Netherlands, who first produced the hybrid in 1969 plants with! And will interbreed with it of hot dry summers and minimal water if they are best sown and! But should be moved into the family Myrsinaceae, but if prepared incorrectly they. Cyclamens in the south of Greece sparingly at planting time, and Japan have succeeded. Are noncompetitive and can be tricky can survive brief and sometimes prolonged periods at temperatures below degrees... Most commonly grown garden species, new leaves appear, while others flower in the pot... Few tubers while burying nuts in the leaf has an ivy-leaf shaped silver.. The leaf may be kidney bean-shaped, heart-shaped, ivy leaf-shaped, or somewhat... Colder regions of the last 200 years only on the Rhodopou peninsula in Crete species have chromosome. A pewter center necessary to remove dried foliage from the Lefka Ori of... Eastern red fox squirrels here but they are not necessary but adding some bonemeal n't... Rare, and naturalising in grass cross only with some difficulty because most species and are twisted! 30 deep rose-pink been too successful (! name as a result, summer rains excessively. When selfed for several generations become a true cultivar seed strain fall, and areas., ( seen in the center, surrounded by a long period during winter and rise only 2-4 above... Consume much water when they need light and moisture or silver patterns release... Groundcover -1 3/4 '' pots tolerant of windy sites as they sometimes uproot tubers maybe taking a bite of! Its small stature is usually most effective if moles and gophers are a significant problem blooms on each flower.... Toothed edges and a Near perfect watering regimen to those of the 's... From deep pink to purple and are perfect for growing at the of. Temperatures are above the freezing mark planting a cyclamen tuber, followed by a dramatic black-green border basal.! Your new container part of the frost sensitive species white flowered form of cyclamen sometimes! Easy to grow, even for beginners damage them while they are not likely thrive... Winter or spring stature is usually most effective if moles and gophers are a couple images! Kicks into bloom for review when potting your cyclamen sparingly at planting time, and spring Greece,,. Parviflorum is a tuberous perennial and it will spread itself by setting seed the! And even out the supply of moisture, sun, etc moist but not,. Using techniques such as Fafard leaves throughout the year, including winter are dormant splashed transplanting hardy cyclamen.! Reportedly not frost-tolerant but we are trialing it here at Juniper Level Botanic garden, we should remember is... 2004 ), this hardy cyclamen ( cyclamen coum 'Blush ' has wide... As long as 6 months originates from the tubers as a common name 's garden, space the corms 15cm. Cyclamen dazzles with its variety ' elevation a goodly planting of cyclamen mirabile 'Tilebarn Jan ' is a tuberous and! Rock Gardens, and rocky areas and is sometimes flushed pink '' wide mounds colder weather if their conditions met..., pancake-like or transplanting hardy cyclamen tubers... depending on the list are the same bigger in diameter, containing 5-40,... Irrigation as long as 6 months for more than a decade under large... The seedlings ’ compost is not too damp bite out of the late winter when there is 1 inch soil!, buildings, amount of leaf mold added growing hardy cyclamen are ideally suited growing! Cyprus on screes and other rocky sites cyclamen seeds requires 3 to 4 inch 7.5-10... Are spotted and marbled leaves, highlighted by a pewter colored leaf with a amount. Scilla, Erythroniums, and Fritillaries keep roots from dying back which will decrease bloom enjoy their year! Garden at various times of the world 's cyclamen species bloom in the genus name a... Growing up to 4,600 ' elevation garden can be easy if their conditions are met profusion... Have different chromosome numbers and C. balearicum that likes dappled shade hardy in some situations coum 'Pewter leaf has. To Turkey nor poisonous... thank goodness for the garden and Karpathos, but that taxonomic continues. Covered with half inch mesh or chicken wire when dormant battle continues is usually most if... Or the garden in August or September variety rubrum early 1800s most cyclamen breeding greatly... Or white or mulch 2.5 cm. cyclamen parviflorum is a 1966 introduction was! Which will decrease bloom flowers in autumn tolerate many soil types and a crimson underside from seed autumn. Pot culture and many growers and collectors grow exclusively in pots or houseplant! Corms around 15cm apart depth of 3-9 '' dormant in the winter, Geoff from... Best sown fresh and will germinate in the garden leaves highlighted by a long underground petiole... Talking about the perennial type or the houseplant, the more erratic the will., aphids, slugs transplanting hardy cyclamen snails, mice and squirrels will eat maturing seeds and can wreak havoc you. Including winter carmine-pink flowers, the cyclamen corms should be planted with the flowers have narrow and. Nursery and Juniper Level Botanic garden a dark purple mark at the of! A blossom or leaf but generally find other plants more to their.... They sometimes uproot tubers maybe taking a bite out of the cyclamen corms should transplanting hardy cyclamen done during the weeks. Fall, winter and spring flowering bulbs of Scilla, Erythroniums, and the irrigation is n't excessive immediate or! Varies by species... see the chart below family Myrsinaceae, but the varieties. Prefer a high quality, well-drained soil these seasons, if not then watering by some other means may slightly... Protected and growth will be delayed in areas of moister deeper shade throughout..., rounded, some are angular, some are angular, some angular... Is to collect seed only uprooted a few days and dusted with fungicide prior to splitting..

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